Monday, April 7, 2008


Do you think?? Hmmmm.......snow flurries in April........oh yes, this is Central Oregon!!! "April (snow) showers bring May flowers!!" Hey, we're doing good, little daffodil leaves are coming up, as well as tulips and other spring bulbs. If you look closely the rhubarb is coming alive. And at the base of many plants, there is green!! Just don't leave the area and go somewhere that all these things are in full bloom, keep your focus here and YES! spring is upon us.
Seems like we are in the habit of writing on this blog about once a month. Anna started this blog so that when we got to England we could keep it updated on a regular basis so people who wanted to could see what we were up to. Since we are not gone yet, it is hard to write much.
Our house has been 4 sale for 3 weeks now. We lowered the price once and we have not had one single call. We are trying some different things this week to see if we will have a better response.
Dennis has not worked for a couple of weeks, he had jobs set up for this week, but they keep falling through or getting pushed out, so he has had to look for work without much success. This would be a very good time for our house to sell. :) With the time off, he has kept busy getting cupboard doors on, building a new island in our kitchen and he has started on new kitchen cabinets. Also, he has done some great trim work in our living room around the window and front door, beautiful knotty pine with a craftsman style to it. Nice work!!
Anna is working for a friend making Salsa and doing some sewing projects that were ordered from her online store. She is keeping busy and having fun.
Janice keeps busy just keeping the house nice in case anyone would call to see it. She has done a small tea recently and we are thinking of having another big one soon. It is also tax time, so lots of bookkeeping to do. :( Fun times!!
Anna has been living out of her suitcases for a very long time, she wanted to know exactly what she could take. Janice was done sorting and packing a long time ago as well. Storage is packed and we have a huge pile of stuff for a garage sale after the house sells. We are pretty much ready to go, all that is left to pack are a few things we are using.
Basically right now, we are continuing to live our lives in Bend, Oregon. Spending time with friends and staying involved in our church. Waiting on God and His timing. We had heard many stories about how fast people sold their houses and were able to just GO!! We had thought that would be our story. But God has a different story for us. We are excited to see what that story is as it continues to unfold. We are learning lessons, being challenged and continuing to trust God to lead us and guide us in His perfect way.

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