Friday, May 2, 2008

Guess who is going to England?!?!?!

Anna is leaving for England on Sunday, June 1st. WOW!! Not much time left. But we have all been packed and ready to go, so really all she needs is to make sure her things she packed are what she still needs.

She is going for a 6 month stay. She just sent out a pile of support letters today. Turns out she will not be able to work there so she needs to raise all of her living expense. She has enough for a plane ticket and a little more.

May 17th we are doing a Tea out at the Alfafla Hall where we have done them in the past. This one is different in that it is a fundraiser for Anna and we are making things to sell there too.

Lots to squeeze in to just four weeks!!! (eeeekkksss)

Please pray for our last little bit of time together. It will be short and busy. But we are excited she can go and get started.

It will be different around here........................

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